Areas of Focus

Mindfulness and Personal Development

What is mindfulness and why is it important?

Successful therapy changes the patient's relationship to his or her form of suffering.  There is a shift from suffering to well-being that takes place when the client can step out of his or her conditioning and see things in a new way.  Mindfulness is a skill that allows us to be less reactive to what's happening in the moment.  It is a way of relating to all experiences -positive, negative and neutral-such that our overall suffering is reduced and our sense of well-being increases. To be mindful is to wake up, to recognize what is happening in the present moment.  People are rarely mindful, and get caught up in distracting thoughts or in opinions, mindlessness.  Mindfulness, focuses our attention on the task at hand, not allowing our mind to get entangled with the past or future.  This kind of attention generates energy, clear-headedness and joy.  Mindfulness is a skill that can be cultivated by anyone!!!!!!!!


1. Self-esteem .  Knowing who you really are.  Learning confidence, self trust, and self respect.

2. Choices (Responsibility/Opportunity) .  Life is not only what's done to you, but more importantly, what you choose to do with it.  Substituting even tempered, well reasoned responses for unconscious, knee-jerk reactions.

3. Positive Mental Attitude (Vision) .  Goal-setting, decision-making, problem solving, critical thinking, and common sense. Knowing what you do want, rather than only trying to avoid what you don't want.  Always learning from mistakes and oversights, instead of punishing yourself.

4. Emotional Management .  Understanding emotions; releasing fear, controlling anger, and healing emotional hurt.

5. Motivation (Enthusiasm) .  Turning anxiety into passion and excitement, promoting interest, caring, curiosity, perseverance, and a sense of adventure.

6. Learning to relax your mind/Alpha Brain Waves .  The mind is at its peak when it generates brain waves between 7 and 13 cycles/second, a state of focused attention between wake and asleep.  This is a mental state often referred to as mindfulness or detached but not dissociated state of mind.  This is a level of consciousness or expanded awareness that helps us feel at peace, and achieves the healthiest mental state.

For more information on mindfulness, personal and spiritual development training, please log on to my trusted Teacher, Mentor, and friend Michael Benner's website

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